TENNESSEE  RIVER was formed with the idea of bringing back and paying musical  tribute to one of the most influential and vocally dynamic country bands  of our time – ALABAMA.

ALABAMA is the band that  changed country music. They reeled off 21 straight #1 singles, a record  that will probably never be equaled in any genre. They brought youthful  energy, sex appeal and a rocking edge that broadened country's  audience, forever changing the way bands were accepted in the country format. They undertook a journey that led, 73 million albums later, to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And to pay tribute to that incredible legacy


Already  established as a strong cross-over vocal ensemble project, the members  of TENNESSEE RIVER wanted to showcase their own vocal prowess by paying  homage to the band they felt transformed country music with their  stellar vocal blend.  Prior to forming as TENNESSEE RIVER, these seven  gifted concert musicians had performed internationally in various  country and rock projects, and have frequently been compared to such  legendary bands as the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Diamond Rio, and of  course ALABAMA.

TENNESSEE  RIVER is the first and ONLY tribute band that has the vocal chops to do  Alabama’s music justice, with their new hybrid of contemporary  cross-over music, bringing a fusion of the rural and urban sounds of  modern-day country and blues, with the spirit of rock 'n' roll,   TENNESSEE RIVER stays true to the essence of Alabama’s music, taking  their chart-topping songs and adding their own fresh, modern and unique  energy, bringing Alabama’s music alive again for a whole new generation  of country music fans.

Tennessee River-"Mountain Music" & "Orange Blossom Special"

Tennessee River - A Tribute To Alabama Performs "Mountain Music" & "Orange Blossom Special" at Feather Falls Casino & Lodge 07-06-2019 - Oroville, CA  

Tennessee River - Song Medley Video

Tennessee River - A Tribute To Alabama Live Video Song Clip Medley 


Tennessee River - "Down Home"

Tennessee River - A Tribute To Alabama Performs "Down Home"  at The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino 03-13-2020 - Chandler, AZ 

Tennessee River - "Song Of The South"

Tennessee River - A Tribute To Alabama Performs "The Closer You Get" 05-30-2015 - Sheboygan, WI 

Tennessee River - "The Closer You Get"

Tennessee River - A Tribute To Alabama Performs "The Closer You Get" 05-30-2015 - Sheboygan, WI

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