Band Biography

Tennessee River was  formed in January of 2002 with the idea of bringing back and paying  tribute to one of the most influential and vocally dynamic country bands  of our time – Alabama.  Receiving over 150 industry awards including 8 country music  "Entertainer of the Year" honors, 2 Grammys, 2 People's Choice Awards,  "Artist of the Decade" recognition by the Academy of Country Music,  "Country Group of the Century" honors from the RIAA, induction into the  Country Music Hall of Fame and their very own star on the "Hollywood  Walk of Fame," there is no doubt that Alabama has become an icon in  music history. Given that kind of illustrious track record, this is why Tennessee River  was born—to spotlight an incredible band that really to this day has  never been recognized by any tribute project to the degree they should  be.

Already  established as a strong cross-over seven-part harmony project, the  members of Tennessee River wanted to showcase their vocals by tapping  into a band they felt changed the industry and sparked a whole new era  of mainstream country music that appealed to all ages and all walks of  life—from traditional country diehards to hardcore pop and rock fanatics  alike. What better choice than Alabama.

Prior  to forming Tennessee River, the guys had performed in various country  and rock projects, and have been frequently compared to such legendary  bands as the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Diamond Rio, and of course Alabama, with  their new hybrid of original cross-over music—a fusion of the rural and  urban sounds of modern day country and blues with the spirit of rock  'n' roll, combined with “true” seven-part harmonies that nowadays seem  to be either non-apparent or mechanically manipulated (via multi-track  recorders and samplers) by many of today’s modern country artists both  in the studio and on-stage. What better way to pay homage to a mega  group like Alabama then to truly represent them the way they should  be—raw and original just like they were during their unstoppable rein  from 1980 till today. Tennessee River combines the essence of Alabama  with their own unique sound and live show to produce both a visual and  audible feast that is sure to please audiences of all ages.

The band brings together seasoned musicians who have toured worldwide and  played with such national recording artists, including Ty Herndon,  Restless Heart, Rascal Flatts, Blackhawk/The Outlaws, Lonestar, Lee  Greenwood, Chris Ledoux, The Bellamy Brothers, Flynnville Train, Taylor  Swift, Sara Buxton, Jason Michael Carrol, Luke Bryan, Carolina Rain,  Sara Evans, Dusty Drake, Chris Cagle, Eric Church and Eric Heatherly. Now,  playing those hit songs that revolve around love, relationships, and  the everyday rituals of life, Tennessee River’s tribute to Alabama offers a walk down memory lane with more than a decade of hits that span the career of Alabama and is sure to give audiences a reason to sing along and dance...again.